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Digital Media Marketing

it's about more than just a design

Can you find your own website?

Sure, you can type in the address, but could you find it using a search engine? Can someone looking for your products or services find the site? Unfortunately, the answer to those questions is usually no. At Digital Media Marketing, we know that no matter how nice a site looks or how well it functions, it's worthless if nobody can find it.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION  search engine optimization

Ranking well in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines is more than just getting lucky. Everything we do takes search engine optimization into account. Whether it's the site architecture, design, or content, we carefully plan and execute a strategy to increase traffic to your site from search engines.

WEBSITE DESIGN  web design

A great looking site does not necessarily mean it is a well designed site. Some designs make it difficult or impossible for search engines to understand what a site is about. We design websites that are accessible and usable by everyone, including search engines. Some web design companies may disagree, but complex designs with difficult to use navigation are not what we would consider good design.


Your site may require custom functionality or features that really set you apart from your competition. We carefully plan the structure each application to be user-friendly and accessible by search engines.

BRANDING & MARKETING  branding and marketing

Sometimes you need more than a well built website that ranks well in search engines. We specialize in pay-per-click and other methods of marketing your business online as well as offline media such as brochures, signs, and business cards.


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